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Sexy stripper gets fucked in the park

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Duration: 54min Girls:  Dorothea Albina 

There is only one step to make from a stripper to escort girl. But it's not an easy decision. Our last hot pick up girl was a stripper. It was not a problem for her to get naked for money, show nude tits in public and stuff like that. But when we said we wanted her to get fucked in the park, she was seriously insulted... We spent a few hours and a lot of money on her, just to make her say yes. And when she did, we made her work off all that money and all the time we wasted. That was one of real public sex videos, the park was crowded!

Tags: blowjob, piercing, high heels, public, money, outdoor, facial, threesome
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Member’s comments (3):

glenwo2_7647 (15 Feb, 2013)

Why are you so offended when she voiced no objection to it? Chill the fuck out.

peskysushi (26 Jan, 2013)

Why are they writing on her? What kind of stupid, demeaning shit is that?

dalila (4 Sep, 2012)

very good